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Providing medical services for cardio-vascular disorders through regenerative medicine


[ Cellular Medicine Products ]

Competitive Advantages

  1. An on-site cell purification device allows an efficient extraction of bone marrow cells with higher therapeutic effects.
  2. A safe, less invasive catheter system for cell implantation is also under development.
  3. Myoblast cell sheet for improving cardiac functions of myocardial infarction patients is also under investigation.

Present Issues

Cellular implantation therapy has recently been considered as an effective treatment for myocardial infarction, severe heart failure, and other disorders refractory to conventional treatments. Yet, there are still a number of problems that we must overcome.

1) Preparation of Cellular Medicine Products

Currently, implanting cells must be processed in the cell processing center (CPC). We are developing more convenient cell processing devices with sufficient purity, high yield, improved safety and reduce costs.

2) Development of Cell Administration Methods

Currently, surgical operations or sophisticated electrical mapping are necessary to administer implanting cells to the appropriate sites of infarcted myocardium. We are developing the cell injection catheter with minimal invasiveness and increased efficiency.

3) Establishment of Therapy

To increase the applicability of cellular implantation for common disorders, the qualities and viability of implanting cells must be kept consistent.
We are committed to the research and development to provide patients with more effective and safe cellular therapies.

Research and Development

Our R&D specifically targets regenerative medicine on vascular and cardiac disorders, based upon our own cardiomyocyte research and collaboration with academic institutes. Aimed at developing novel therapies for ischemic heart diseases, our approach comprises the following three strategies.

1) On-site Cell Purification Devices

Bone marrow cells are used for cardiac and vascular regenerative therapy. To obtain mononuclear cells from bone marrow aspirates, we are developing the most convenient devices that efficiently harvest effective cells separated from harmful cell populations.

2) Cell Injection Catheter

We are developing a catheter system for administering implanting cells into the sites of infarcted myocardium. This catheter is percutaneously introduced into the coronary arteries with more sufficient safety and less invasiveness than conventional catheters.
(patent pending)

3) Cellular Sheet

We are developing cellular sheets for cardiac implantation by culturing skeletal myoblasts on special dishes. This cell-sheet is expected to provide higher engraftment and therapeutic effects.
(patent pending)

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