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Providing medical services for cardio-vascular disorders through regenerative medicine


[ Drug Discovery ]

Competitive Advantages

  1. Realization of a permanent cure with myocardial regenerative medicines
  2. Development of efficient and original research tools for medicines

Present Issues

We recognize that drugs for cardiovascular disorders currently available have the following two limitations.

1) Efficacy Limitations

The efficacy of these currently available medications is limited to symptomatic effects. Thus, an innovative drug providing a permanent therapeutic effect through the action of regenerating myocardial tissue is needed.

2) Limitations on Development

Drug discovery screening for drugs for cardiovascular disorders uses animal or cellular models (screening tools), which are genetically engineered to demonstrate a particular human disease.
Screening tools under development are considered to have problems in the test results, such as poor precision and/or reproducibility. Thus, development of a more sophisticated screening tool is necessary.
In addition, development of a screening tool based on a new concept is expected to lead to development of an innovative therapeutic drug.

Research and Development

To solve these problems, we have focused on the master gene inducing the differentiation of cardiomyocytes. The master gene for myocardium is a crucial gene that may be involved in myocardial generation, but has not been identified yet. We are eagerly and strategically striving to identify this gene.
Furthermore, we have focused on stimulating or inhibiting the actions of this master gene on myocardial generation. Developments already started include the following:

1) Development of myocardial regenerative medicines

We are developing medicines that regenerate cardiac muscle by transferring the master gene or control its actions.

2) Development of research tools for drugs for cardiovascular disorders

We are developing cultured cells and experimental animals genetically engineered to demonstrate cardiovascular disorders using the master gene.

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