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Providing medical services for cardio-vascular disorders through regenerative medicine


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Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is attracting more interest as a next-generation therapy with the potential to cure cardiovascular disorders. We are striving to establish a business model for the clinical application of regenerative medicine at the earliest possible date for as many patients as possible.

What is regenerative medicine?
Regenerative medicine is a therapy for disorders associated with tissue degeneration or defects (including cardiovascular disorders, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's disease), which promotes tissue regeneration through cell transplantation and medication. Serious cardiovascular disorders rely on conventional medications to reduce symptoms (a symptomatic therapy), which may lead to insufficient response. Regenerative medicine aims to provide a permanent cure for damaged organs with the potential of radically altering the traditional concept of medicine.
Amid an increase in the number of patients with serious cardiovascular disorders due to the aging of the population and changing dietary habits, advances in cardiac regenerative medicine is eagerly awaited by many patients and healthcare providers.
Japan is a world leader in cardiac muscle regeneration, and the development of a novel therapy can be expected from industry-university joint research.
As a venture firm founded within academia, our mission is to bridge the basic and clinical sciences to establish cardiac regenerative medicine through translational research. Our research and development are conducted on the basis of the three approaches described below.

Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine

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