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Product 1 Quad-Holder Disposable

Category Forceps
Classification Class II

Quad-Holder Disposable which was developed by Cardio Inc., is a special forceps specialized for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). This product was developed so that one person can easily perform a blood vessel anastomosis in a narrow surgical field.

Quad-Holder Disposable is not only for easily placed in surgical field during CABG procedure, but also it is used for Non-Skeletonized anastomosis, Skeletonized anastomosis (exfoliation of perivascular tissue) and large saphenous vein anastomosis. By grasping the graft in optimal condition and positioning for the 4 (Quad) patterns, Quad-Holder Disposable made graft anastomosis easier and reduced the burden on the operator.

EZ Regular

*The product above is currently sold only in Japan.
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